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English Cockerspaniel is a breed, in which after some time of thinking I had chosen a dog to be my companion. His temperament, playfulness and kind character was exactly what I was looking for. It didn't last long and he became not just companion but also a member and sweetheart of my entire family. Actually, it's a Cockerspaniel girl in the colour of gold and white, which I had brought to my place the very first day of May 2012. Her official name is Ollie Orange Moravia Mystery, but we call her DELI or Delissa, because she is just delicious :-)

At the end of summer 2014 Deli's puppy - ALBEE had joined us. He is unbelievably playful, happy and smart newest member of our family, who after very long decision making stays with Deli and my parents in Slovakia. They have a large garden at their disposal and lots of love. Even it's very tough for me to say goodbye after each visit, it is here where both my cockers had found their home and people who love them.

In december 2015 another happy cockerspaniel from Kennel Moravia Mystery had joined our dog pack - TIMMY. I wasn't planning to raise a puppy, nor even a boy, but it was matter of fate that just before Christmas this cute blue roan had become my flat mate in Prague. This appeared to be one of my life´s decisions. Timmy is concentration of positive energy, good mood and smartness. As I had noticed some tendencies to exhibitionism, I'm treating him as my big promise for the Dog Shows!


* * *

        "Only those who never had a dog cannot understand what people without dog miss in their life."